The Goddess of Intelligence and War
(Roman name: Minerva)

For God of War, you may image Ares (also known as Mars) in first. Ares is called with terror, like that Mars symbolizes "ominous". But Athene manages the intelligence too, so she is thoughtful.
As the war, there is same things. Ares takes the battle and bloody affairs, against Athena do strategical and poritical side.
Athene was worshipped as patron goddess of the particular city or polis.
She aided many a hero (Perseus, Hercules and Crews of Algo ship), gave a strategy that Greek win the Troi war.

She has a shield named "Aegis"on her left hand. The shield has Gorgon (or Medusa; make the people looked her face to stone.) head on center.
(Gorgon was exterminated by Perseus. On his return trip (riding Pegasus the winged horse), he looked Princess Andromeda chained on the rock. The Sea Monster was going to attack her. The hero rescue her life and married.
Andromeda's father is Cephoes, mother is Cassiopeia. You can watch them on sky as constellations.
By the way, Anti Missile Guard System's name by the Shield.

Birth Episode :
One day, Zeus walked on Triton riverside. Suddenly, a splitting headarch striked him. Hepaistus, the God of blacksmith break arched head by a hatchet. Full-armed Athene advanted.
And Panteon made her as a member of Olympus 12 Gods.

Her apostle is owl, the intelligent bird.
Nike, the Godess of Victory is with her.

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