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About Playing Card Collection
Or, how to collect ... the way to collector
I love airplanes; especially the passenger plane. It is caus by my deceased father. His abroad present was always playing card with airlines logo.
Now, off course, I can travel and collect by myself.

I talk how to collect playing card
Properly, you must board a plane. The airlines make cards for one of the advertisings. It is not free.
Its original purpose is a service to avoid the passenger's dull at long flight. So however you demmand one, it does not came true. Let's take a long flight anyway.
The airplane will take off and NO SMOKING / FASTEN SEAT BELT sign go out soon. Cabin crews distribute some drinks. Notice ! It is wrong way to order playing card immediately. Thay look you are only one passenger, except the case that you are VIP or movie star.
During level flight, at their not busy time, you can ask "Do you have playing cards on board ?" In a minute, cards will be in your hand. If you do it at home way, you can get more one. And if there are crew change, you may take moreover.
However, many unexcepected things are being on the Earth. There is a case that Goddes of misfortune plots no playing cards on your flight. Unhappyly, when your patron saint slept, you write a letter to the airlines.
Dear Sir.
The other day, I took your flight. (Date and Flight Nnumber)
( Many praised word and little complain )
At the flight, I demmand playing cards, but a crew replied "No cards on board".
I do collect playing cards, so please send me 2 decks.
A few time later, "meal"the greatest pleasure. You may think "I want knife/fork set".
In this situation, above saying (about the timing to demmand) give you a good effect. You going to try to wish knife/fork set as a souvenir. In high percentage of probability, they will say "Yes, please".

Bon voyage.

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