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Bingo Horn Club Members

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Horns played by Bingo Horn Club members.

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Bingo Horn Club Upcoming Concert 

Bingo Horn Club the 1st Concert

DATE : November 4 1996 (Mon)              
PLACE : SUGANAMI Music Shop 4F Event Hall              
TICKET :500yen              


Bingo Horn Club the 2nd Concert

DATE : November 29 1997 (Sat)              
PLACE : Leed & Rose FUKUYAMA              
TICKET :              

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Bingo Horn Club Membership

Bingo Hron Club is open to every horn players who is interested in horn ensemble.For more information you can email Atsuhiko Watanabe of Bingo Horn Club at:atsuhiko@mars.dtinet.or.jp. If you have friends that might be interested, please give them this information. Please join us!              

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