Francis OGER #205

Letters to the Editor

from Francis OGER in CMO #205

@...  Thank you very much for sending me CMO regularly. It is nice for you to compare your observations of the previous years with those of your friends from everywhere in the world. Now, the conditions for observing planets gradually become better, except for Kasei.
  I admired the observations of comet Soho by Nicolas Biver from Hawai. How lucky he is to live in a place where he can see a comet 3 degrees above the horizon. Did he send you some drawings of planets?
  Presently, it seems that the comets are no longer discovered by Japanese amateur astronomers, but only by anonymous American organizations like LINEAR and SOHO. It sounds less exciting.
  This year, the weather was often cloudy, and no good for astronomy, at least in northern France. Since, the beginning of july, we can hardly see the sun for a few minutes, and the temperature is no more that 20 degrees. It is difficult to imagine that we are in summer. I heard that you have hot weather in Japan.
  I remember you were kind enough to show interest for the asbestos problem of my university. Presently, I am still working in my office with the plastic sheets all over the ceiling. It had been announced that we would be provisionally removed to another location in january 1999, but this has been cancelled, and we presently do not know when it will happen. The main points in discussion are how long we shall stay in the provisional location, and whether we may come back to Jussieu Uiversity afterwards. Some administrators want to send us for ever to a rather inconvenient place, at the south of Paris.
  This summer, I have a mathematical meeting in Kobe from august 17 to 20. I will arrive in Japan a few days before, through Narita Airport, and stay longer, as I did in previous years. This year, I will probably travel a lot, both in Kwanto and Kwansai. Even, I have some new friends in Kanagawa, which gives me a good reason to go to Hokuriku. It would be nice to meet you again, even for a short time.
  Best wishes for you, your wife and your friends of the OAA Mars Section.
(12 July 1998 email)

@...   The itinerary of my visit in Kwansai is not presently fixed, and therefore I still have full liberty to decide. Anyhow, I may be rather busy during my mathematical meeting from august 17 to 20.
  I can confirm to you that august 22 - 23 is convenient for me to meet you. I will be happy if I can visit your observatory again, especially if Murakami-san has the opportunity to come.
  I remember that your wife did a lot for me, even speaking French, though the health condition of your mother is a problem for you. I want to be sure that, this time, my visit in Fukui will not cause any inconvenience to your family. You know I am able to sleep anywhere, for instance in a youth hostel or an observatory without air- conditioner. The two most original sleeping places which I experienced in Japan were a library and a Buddhist temple with the prayer at 6 in the morning. On the other hand, I will be happy to bring from France anything which can be interesting for you. ееее

(16 July 1998 email)

Francis OGER   ( Paris, France )