Francis OGER #206

Letters to the Editor

from Francis OGER in CMO #206

@...   Thank you for number 205 of CMO. Even I found my last message there. I know that many people dream to have their name in the newspaper that they receive. Even somebody in France committed a crime just for that reason.
  Presently, I know that I will leave from Paris on July 12, and arrive at the Osaka Airport in the morning of July 13. It is better not to try to join me through e-mail after my departure, since I never succeeded to read my e-mail from Japan. I will call you as soon as I arrive at my mathematical meeting in Kobe. I suppose your phone number is still 776 82 6222.
  Before the meeting, I will rest for two or three days at the south of Kii Hanto. If you know some interesting place concerning astronomy around there, I will be happy to visit it. In any case, observing the sky over the sea in a place located 33゚north looks interesting for me.
  I have received the message from Masami Murakami which informs me that he is unable to come to Fukui on august 22-23. As I am presently the only visitor, and I come for the second time, you do not need to do for me as much as two years ago. . . .       
(2 August 1998 email)

Francis OGER   ( Paris, France )