Francis OGER #234

Letters to the Editor

from Francis OGER in CMO #234

@ . . . . Thank you for sending me CMO regularly, even though I presently have no appropriate instrument and observing place to contribute your study.
  In Paris and northern France, July 2000 was exceptionally cold and rainy. Anyway, I could observe C/1999 S4 (LINEAR) from my mother's garden, with fairly good conditions, on July 20 and 21, with 11x80 binoculars. It clearly changed position during each observation.
  As you know, the observing conditions for the planets are not good presently, at least in the evening. For this reason, the observatory of Societe Astronomique de France at the top of Sorbonne University was closed and under repair during the last months. Anyway, as I had a big mathematical meeting in Sorbonne during the last week of July, I could take the participants to the observatory several times, and show them Epsilon Lyra, M 57, and of course Paris by night. Even, one night, we saw fireworks, probably at Versailles castle.
  The day before yesterday, I participated the festival called "La nuit des etoiles". Five telescopes were displayed on Place de l'Hotel de Ville, included a 40 cm Meade LX 200, and we showed the Moon to tourists.
  Again, the weather is nice presently, and I am going to my mother's place this evening for Perseid shooting stars.
  This summer, I will be in Japan from August 24 to October 4. I visit Tohoku from September 2 to 10, and I stay in Tsukuba University from September 11 to 23. I shall also stay a little in Japanese Alps, but I probably have no time to visit Kwansai this year.
  Best wishes for all of you.
(12 Aug 2000 email)

@ . . . . Thank you very much for your kind invitation at the CMO meeting in Yokohama on September 15-16-17. As I shall be at Tsukuba University from September 10 to 23, I think I cannot stay for all the meeting. Anyway, you can send me the program at the following address:

    Francis Oger c/o Akito Tsuboi
    Institute of Mathematics, University of Tsukuba
    Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8571, Japan

or at the e-mail address:

  I shall let you know my final decision as soon as I meet my colleagues in Tsukuba, on September 11.
With best regards.

(18 Aug 2000 email)

Francis OGER   ( Paris, France )