Robert SCHULZ #232

Letters to the Editor

from Robert SCHULZ in CMO #232

@. . . .   For sending your journal to me have my air-mail address:
Robert Schulz
Dampfgasse 19/16
A-1100 Vienna/Austria/Europe
The next planets to see are Jupiter and Saturn later this year. In the meantime I take some time to photograph diffuse nebulas and galaxies with my equipment (CCD and photo).
Classical music is my other interest. As you suspect I will hear some concerts during the summer period ! Here are some links if you are interested in the viennese concert houses:
with best wishes,
(25 May 2000 email)

@. . . .   I've included an interesting movie in this mail. On 9th June the crater Ptolemaeus was on the day-night line of our moon. The ground of this crater was at beginning of the observing session not yet illumineted. In the next hour light crosses the crater and I was right to photograph it with my ST7. Data: C8/f10, 1h13m beginning 20h03 UT-21h15 UT; 9th June 2000, every 6 min a pic with 1" exposure combined with MIRA 6.03. Look also at the shadows to the south of Ptolemaeus around Purbach.

(12 June 2000 email)

@. . . .   I've received the CMO issues last week. Thank you very much for sending so many issues, especially the old ones. With best regards,

(12 June 2000 email)

Robert SCHULZ (Wien, Austria) :