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Bookmark Database for Macintosh and Windows
Freeware : Version2.1 (May 20, 2003)
New Features : Version2.1

(1) Tab-Navigation
(2) Color schemes
(3) Independent pages for stashing images
(4) The package contains both "OSX version" and "Classic OS version"

New Features : Version1.40
Jpeg and Gif images can be collected from web pages via drag/drop, which can then be sorted as well as stored.
"Find" can be executed by simply pressing the "Return Key."
There are now two window sizes to choose from. The compact window is ideal as a web companion. It can, however, readily be switched to a larger window where more serious database management can be conducted. The windows "snap" back to their respective window-sizes, which are pre-designated and yet adjustable.

Click here for the Japanese version

Bookmarksman, a URL management database solution, helps keep track of web browser bookmarks that tend to have the nasty habit of haphazardly accumulating into something unmanageably humongous.

Bookmarks can be coherently organized and utilized as a valuable source of information.
The powerful Search feature makes it possible to retrieve relevant bookmarks that are otherwise easily misplaced.
Search results are displayed in list view.
Duplicate URLs are easily extracted and deleted at a stroke.
Bookmarks can be sorted in a number of ways.
You can attach notes to bookmarks, which will later be put to use as keywords in the search mode.
E-mail addresses as well as URLs can be stored.
One click opens a web page or an e-mail sheet.
The last-visited time/date for each bookmark is remembered and the bookmarks can be viewed as history.
You can "flag" your favorite bookmarks.

My thanks go to Syuu for coming up with "Bookmark Converter" which makes it possible to export the "favorites.html" into a tabbed-text file. And I'm indebted to Piyo for his valuable advice on script-writing that deals with global fields.

Bookmarksman : Help

The "New" button creates a new record. You can drag/drop the URL button of the browser onto Bookmarksman's "URL" field or you may copy/paste it. Naturally if you need to, you can manually type in the whole URL.
Pressing on the "Title" bar sorts bookmarks by Title (the number of records is shown to the right).
Hitting the very same bar again will cause it to switch to "Sort bookmarks by Date" (the number of records is displayed just the same). To revert to "Title Sort", press the bar once again.

Pressing the "Category" bar sorts bookmarks by Category (Ascending order).
Hitting on the "Category" bar again sorts bookmarks by Descending order).
Press the "URL" bar, and URLs are sorted by ascending order.
The "Go" button opens the browser and takes you to the designated URL. If the current record is an e-mail address, a new sheet with that address already typed-in will open in your e-mail application.
This "Check Box" can be turned on/off. Check it to mark your favorite bookmark.

Clicking on the "Bookmarksman Button" alternates between "Show Checked (favorite) Bookmarks" and "Show All."
At the end of each field you'll find a pair of pink/blue strips. Inconspicuous though they may be, what they are assigned to perform is of great use. Clicking on the blue stripdisplays duplicate records (bookmarks) that have the same property (Title/Category/URL) as the current record. To show all records (bookmarks), hit on the pink strip.
The "Note" button takes you to the "Note" layout where you can jot down whatever you want, which later will be referred to as keywords in the Find (search) mode.

The "Delete" button lets you delete the current record. Clicking on this button pops up a warning window that asks you if you really want to delete the record (bookmark). You can skip this dialog window by hitting on the "Trash Can" icon.
The "Show All" button does just what it says. It shows all the records (bookmarks).
Hit on the "Show Duplicates" button, then all those redundant bookmarks that you have haphazardly accumulated will be neatly displayed in alphabetical order.
Here's a really nifty feature. The "Delete Duplicates" button lets you delete at a stroke duplicate records that bear the identical URLs. One record for each URL however will be left intact, thus ensuring the integrity of your entire bookmark collection.
Click on the "Mail", and it displays only mail addresses. You can revert to "Show All" by simply clicking on it again.

Note : To make the "Go" button applicable to e-mail addresses, preface each mail address with "mailto:". Say, you want to enter your girlfriend Jane's mail address. Write it like this:

The "Find" button will take you to the "Find" window, where you can type in the keyword. Cick ing on the "Find" button there searches the Title/Category/Note/URL fields for the keyword and will list up the hit results.

This "Google" button takes you to "Google Search."
The "Save" button does exactly what it says it does. Tha data, without this feature, automatically saves data anyway. I just put it there just for the hell of it.
Click on the "Import" button, and you are ready to import data (bookmarks) from an earlier version of Bookmarksman/FileMaker Pro file/Excel/Text file.

Tips : You can import bookmark files from such browsers as IE or Netscape (which has not been put to test) by means of any of the following : (1) Hand-pick bookmarks and drag/drop them onto "Bookmarksman". (2) Export your bookmarks from the browser as a text file. Remove unnecessary tags and then import the file into "Bookmarksman". (3) Cheat blatantly: use "URL Manager Pro" or something similar to that to suck the bookmarks out of the browser, let it export them as a text file, and then import it into "Bookmarksman."

Download Bookmarksman
Version2.1 4,579k Vector (FTP)
Vector (HTTP)
Version 2.1 6,080K Download Ascii (FTP)
Version 2.1 6,080K Download Ascii (HTTP)
Version 2.1
Version2.1 6,079K Vector (FTP)
Version2.1 6,079K Vector (HTTP)
Version2.1 4,191K Download Ascii (FTP)
Version2.1 4,191K Download Ascii (HTTP)
Vector (FTP)
Version2.1 4,470k Vector (HTTP)
Version2.1 4,470k Vector (FTP)
Vector (HTTP)
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