Vets should be recruited to castrate rapists
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True to its cowardly military tradition, US servicemen in Okinawa continue to rape Okinawan girls. A twelve-year old girl was gang-raped by three US servicemen in 1995. The girl was kidnapped, beaten, brutally raped, and then abandoned.

The culprits are Navy Seaman Marcus Gill, 23, of Woodville, Texas, Marine Pfc. Rodrico Harp, 23, of Griffin, Georgia, and Marine Pfc. Kendrick Ledet, 20, of Waycross, Georgia. Gang-banging a twelve-year old girl is atrocious no matter where it happens and no matter who does it.

And yet in the face of this heinous crime, the civil rights groups and lawyers representing the families of the three servicemen said that they were treated differently because they are African-Americans.

Give us a break! Whether you are black, white, red or yellow, you don't gang-bang a child, you hear!

The most recent rape in Okinawa committed by U.S. Air Force Sergeant Timothy Woodland took place on the 29th of June, 2001. Unreasonably protected by the provisions of the Status of Forces Agreement, US servicemen suspected of criminal acts cannot be directly arrested by the local Japanese authorities.

The local population is left alone unprotected, neglected and abandoned both by the Japanese and US authorities.

The most immediate and efficient means that the Okinawans should resort to would be vigilantism.

Those US servicemen that continue to rape the local girls need to be taught a lesson that will not be easily forgotten.

I propose that we make a citizen's arrest when a rapist is caught with his pants down or positively identified.

Instead of handing him over to the either authorities, which cannot be trusted to bring him to justice, we will give him what he deserves.

For this, we need a group of veterinarians. Any volunteers?

Vets should be recruited to castrate rapists Zushi Trivia
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