Well said, Emperor!

In an interview given on his birthday on December 18th, 2001, Emperor Akihito of Japan stated, "I, on my part, feel a certain kinship with Korea, given the fact that it is recorded in the Shoku Nihongi (Chronicles of Japan, compiled in 797), that the mother of Emperor Kanmu (reign 781`806) was of the line of King Muryong (reign 501`523) of the Kingdom of Paekche (Korea)."

That the emperor himself forthrightly referred to this little-publicized and conventionally swept-under-the-carpet imperial lineage is noteworthy.

His candidness in this delicate matter is the epitome of what can be gracefully accomplished by means of Imperial Diplomacy.

I commend him for his courage.

Well said, Emperor! Zushi Trivia
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