The Killing Fields : Genocide carried out by the U.S.

(1) Let it be known that the terrorists that executed the 9-11 attacks include not a single individual of Afghan nationality, Taliban or otherwise.

(2) Most of the terrorists hail from America's "ally", Saudi Arabia.

(3) Unable to vent its anger on Saudi Arabia, the U.S. decides to punish Afghanistan where Bin Laden is. Sure, Afghanistan is an ideal scapegoat. The country is a mess to begin with, thanks to your gentle-hearted Russian friends and the Afghanis themselves. You can do anything you want with such an impoverished country, there is no way they can defend themselves and that is precisely what the U.S. did.

(4) True to its cowardly military tradition, the U.S. forces resort mainly to air attacks, which gloriously succeed in hitting a Red Cross warehouse in Kabul, and that twice. Naturally along with the Red Cross warehouse, ordinary villages are indiscriminately bombed over and in the process many innocent citizens are slaughtered and mutilated, which the U.S. shamelessly calls "collateral damage." "Collateral damage", my ass! This is a deliberate and premeditated act of atrocities committed against innocent civilians, most of whom have not even heard of the World Trade Center.

(5) America's total disregard for the lives and human rights of the Afghan people are singularly despicable. It didn't take long for the U.S. to start dropping cluster bombs over Afghanistan. This is in sharp contrast with their false statements that "Only selected targets are bombed" and "Utmost care is taken to avoid civilian casualties". A crock full of shit is what comes out of Bush's mouth and it stinks something fierce.

(6) Now that Afghanistan is totally wrecked, the U.S. wants to make it look like it performed the great service of having liberated the country from the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Come on, nobody is naive enough to be sold on such absurd bullshit.

(7) So where is your man, Bin Laden? As of February 13, 2002, the U.S. is yet to capture this most-wanted man. George Stupid Bush, you raped the entire nation, wrecked it, killed and maimed so many innocent civilians, caused millions of people to become refugees. And you still don't know where Bin Laden is? Oh, yes, the latest report has it that the remains of some people you blasted out of recognition are to be examined for DNA comparison in the hope of establishing that one of them was indeed Bin Laden. Hey, does this mean that you don't know who you are killing out there? You just go ahead, kill somebody at random, and only then proceed to find out who you killed? Does this continue to be indiscriminate killings?

(8) George W. Bush and People of the U.S., have the decency to apologize to the people of Afghanistan for the atrocities you committed and start pouring in at least as much money as you spent on the bombs over their land to make up for your heinous crimes. You owe at least that much to them. And, hey, don't come here asking for rescue funds to "rebuild Afghanistan". You did it, you pay for it. After all you didn't fight "for" Afghanistan. You just killed so many Afghanis just to spite them. With so much of their blood on your hands, are you happy now? Does it make you feel good? Do you think you finally got even by killing so many innocent children, women and old men? Would the 9-11 victims have appreciated and approved of what you did to the equally innocent and unsuspecting Afghan victims?

Genocide carried out by the U.S. Zushi Trivia
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