We love to see you smile June 5th, 2004
How would you like to be tortured by a former Mcdonald's employee?
We love to see you smile

Spec. Jeremy Sivits
Age 24
Ex-Mcdonald's employee
From Pennsylvania

Jeremy Sivits was sentenced by a military court in Iraq, which of course is nothing but a kangaroo court, to one year in confinement, a demotion and a bad conduct discharge for torturing Iraqis.

One of the photos taken by Jeremy Sivits inside the Abu Ghraib prison. Look how they are smiling, indeed.

Hey, Mcdonald's, do you want to sue me for writing this up? Go ahead and do that. It will be a splendid PR opportunity to boost your corporate image!

We love to see you smile Zushi Trivia
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