A call for contributions! 

The world's first beetle Web magazine,"The STAG BEETLE FOOLS"
has become a quarterly publication.Due to prevalence of the Internet and
breeding of Dorcus curvidens, thereare increasing number of people who
rear various beetles for fun inJapan. This Webpage has already marked over
60,000 accesses and provided theideal meeting place for beetle lovers.
This Webpage constitutes of voluntarycontributions by those who have
their own Webpages and by thosewho don't. Now on this occasion of
becoming quarterly, we have decidedto call for contributions world wide.
Why don't you join us and createthe world's hottest beetle information
center together?

We are planning to publish thismagazine in March, June, September
and December of each year. Yourarticles can cover anything to do
with beetles... from introducingyour own beetle Webpage, to reports
on collection and breeding.

If you are not familiar with theHTML language, we will even take
care of the formatting for you.All you need to do is send us the
plain text and pictures.
You don't have to worry about thecost of uploading or downloading
at all, either... it's free!

Please e-mail us



We are eagerly looking forwardto receiving your exciting reports!