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Train Graphics for Screensaver (MM form).


zip 41KB

8 bit BMP files in 1pixel=10cm scale.(under 58px height)
Six train graphics for Screensaver are in this set. Please use on the MM (former MM&MM) or the compatible screensaver with black (or dark color) background.
1. Renfe AVE100 - Spanish high speed train.
2. JR-East Star21 - Japanese high speed tester. Max 425km/h.
3. JR-East East-i - Japanese high speed track and catenary inspector.
4. JR-East class 215 - Japanese double deck commuter.
5. JR-East class E257 - Japanese express train.
6. Enoden class 20 - Japanese beach-side train.
Vol.2 ? ?

[ Relative Links ]
+ MM railway screensaver - Mr.Martin Meyer's shareware from Germany.
+ Traffic Screensaver - Mr.Zoltán Szabó's freeware from Hungary, MM-form train pictures can run on it.
+ Train Side View screensaver - TSV. Mr.Shibanobu's freeware from Japan. 60 pixels height is necessary. <-- Official site was lost in 2011.

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