Standing in patients with spinal cord injury

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People who stand using hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis with medial hip joint, Walkabout, are paraplegics due to spinal cord injury.

Mr. McKay in Polymedic developed Walkabout and Dr. Saitoh in Dept. Rehab. Med, Fujita Health Univ. introduced it into Japan.

This system aims not to replace the wheel chair but to be used with it. Standing and walking will strengthen bone, stimulate autonomic system, and improve mental state according to elevate eye position. Almost all paraplegics whose injury locate below middle thoracic without severe comobidity CAN walk. Palaplegics with higher level lesion may try.

[Reference] Saitoh E, et al: Am J Phys Med Rehabil 75: 198-203, 1996
Tokyo Metro Rehab Hosp can make this orthosis and has training system for Walkabout. Advanced system for walking is now in progress. If you want to use it or are interested in this system, feel free to contact me. (e-mail, to Shigeru Sonoda, MD, DMSc)

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