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もともとはClaus Gittinger さんの趣味で作成されたものが、あれよあれよという間に成長、発展。

ANSI Smalltalkの標準インターフェースに忠実ながらも、実行ファイルのCへのトランスレート機能、NameSpace、Smalltalk Applet、Javaへのインターフェースなど、数々のアグレッシブな機能を搭載。

From - Sun Mar 19 18:47:26 2000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.smalltalk
Subject: New ST/X Release 3.6.4 available
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 11:17:02 GMT
Organization: - Before you buy.
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Message-ID: <89qrbe$3uh$>

Hi folks,

we are glad to announce the availability of the new ST/X 3.6.4 release;
we hope to have fixed a few installation bugs which found their way
into the last version, fixed a few other ST-bugs, improved menus and
tabbing, added some more features to our GUI builder (subcanvas
and, and, and...

In addition to linux & windooze, a solaris version is now available,
and osf1-alpha is coming next week
(right now, the osf1-alpha download leads to a dead link - sorry, the
is here, but our web-provider has trouble at the moment...).

To download, see
and move on to the download area.

A note to our new licensing scheme:
ST/X is now free for non commercial (nc) use, and the version on our
is the same as what you get when you order a nc-CD from eXept
(we have stripped the precompiled binaries from the web-package, though,
 i.e. you have to recompile the st-files, if you want to create a
machine code
 classlib dll).
In other words: there is no longer a "demo" version.

The official price for the nc-CD is now US$ 60, and is to be considered
a handling charge, for those who do not want to download 30Mb
(although we prefer you to download it, since we are not happy to handle
 huge amounts of nc-orders ;-)

Another goody:
we will go open source !
As a first step, we will provide the source to a limited number of
to spread the amount of supported systems. With those, we will see how
best manage the source and how to deal with updates and fixes.
Once that works stable, we will make the st/x source available to anyone
(however, this will still be limited to nc use - all comercial users
 have to get a full licence ...)
If you are willing to participate, and are willing to port st/x to new
architectures, please send a mail to

have fun, and share your experience.

so long

PS: see you in san diego !!


Claus Gittinger
eXept Software AG      

Smalltalk/XはeXept が製品として販売しており、古いバージョンのみがFREEで提供されていた。 Smalltalk/X (OLD)

が、このたび以下のようなアナウンス!! やってくれるじゃないですか!!

Subject: New free Smalltalk/X demo release available !!!
Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 08:51:20 -0600
Organization: Deja News - The Leader in Internet Discussion
Newsgroups: comp.lang.smalltalk, comp.object
Hello Smalltalkers,
I have uploaded a new demo release of Smalltalk/X to
This includes a whole bunch of new features,
such as
 - GUI builder (menuEditor, bitmap image editor),
 - HTML browser for online documentation,
 - many new widgets (TreeView, FileTreeView, DataSetView ...),
 - multiple namespaces, private classes,
 - syntaxHilighting,
 - much improved launcher,
 - more utilities in the browser,
 - JIT compiler for (i386, sparc, mips, mc68k & alpha)
and, and, ...
Supported architectures are:
        linux ELF (old libc)
        linux a.out
        solaris2.5 (sparc)
        dec-alpha (osf1)
        NeXTStep3.x (mc68k)
Sorry, the openVMS and win/NT versions are not yet
included - watch for announcements in this newsgroup ...
Please see the files README.DEMO_DISTRIB, README
and the architecture specific README.XXX files.
Have fun !!
Claus Gittinger
eXept Software AG
PS: to ftp-admins:
 you are of course welcome to mirror the stuff on your site
 - ftp-users of stuttgart will be happy if you reduce the
 ST/X network traffic a bit ;-)
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