Suspension Removal and repair of
Front suspension cylinder
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- Suspension cylinder removal-

Set manual height control lever to heighest position.
Lift up the front part of vehicle and set rigid rack at jackup point.
Set manual height control lever to lowest position.
Remove front road wheels. Lift up the whole front suspension unit. Internal LHM of cylinder will return to reserver tank.

Remove suspension sphere using filter wrench.

Remove the high-pressure piping joint, pipe clamp and upper mount retaining nut.

Pull off the leak back hose and loosen the clamp bolt of cylinder.
Pull down the upper mount and shorten the cylinder. Then, take off the lower side of cylinder from swivel. Grasp outer case and pries upward little by little and take off strut unit.
Put the mark to upper mount and sphere support block with paint or scratch . It is required as a mark at the time of re-assemble.

Remove retain nut(36mm) above sphere support block. In some cases required "air impact wrench" to unscrew.

Strikes the head of a cylinder with plastic hammer lightly and
decompose upper mount, sphere support, and a cylinder.
Remove dust boots with upper mount. Screw off the ring-nut from cylinder.

Hang a pipe wrench on a strut outer case and slide bearing face to face, and turn it to it.
Take off the slide bearing.

Make strut reverse, extract contents and wash an inside using parts cleaner.

Exchange piston/cylinder seal.

Apply LHM to the each part before re-assemble. Apply slack stop to a screw portion of new slide bearing.
Finally, fastens slide bearing using a pipe wrench.

It is better to replace the oil seal in sphere support block. The degradation of o-ring causes oil leak from the upper part of strut.

Next, assemble sphere support and upper mount to a cylinder.
At this time, set the hole at the top of cylinder and sphere support straightly.
Here is a passing way of LHM .
Set each parts to correct position before tighten retain nut refering to Marking.

Refit strut unit and other component in reversal way of the removal

Put back tires and set vehicle height maximum, take off rigid-rack, and Observe operation of the height control and a LHM leaking.

(C) Y. Narabayashi