Hydro Pneumatic Sphere Recharging
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The method of Sphere recharging is not so difficult. But you'd better to evaluate sphere condition before operation. Because, the pressure is under 20bar, the life of "recharged sphere" is too short. We've heared the info from supplier of recharging tool.
Even if you cannot measure the pressure of a sphere, please check that the diaphragm has swollen completely in a sphere. This condition would be known by putting in a thin wire from the orifice of an absorber valve. When the diaphragm has swollen, a wire does not enter 3.3 cm or more

If you can insert more, it means the damage of membrane.
The Tools;

Nitrogen gas bombe.

This guy named Akitoshi Suzuki is the auther of this section.
fitting attachment

*At the east area of Japan, the connector of bombe has male type. The connetor of Recharging tool has "male" shape also.
So we have to use fitting attachment.
Please confirm the shape of your bombe.
How to operate
At first, screw off the nipple of the sphere, using 2 water pipe wrench.
The nipple and o-ring
Install the Valprex valve to Sphere.
This valve has sealing ball inside. It works as oneway valve.
The head of the Recharger

Knob"A" is for taking a needle.
Knob"B" is for equipping a valve with a head, and the portion of a screw turns around it.
Before attaching in a valve, knob"A" is turned counterclockwise, and a needle is retracted.
Then, connect the recharger head to the valve. Fasten knob"B" and it fixes.
It is the control part of a recharger. If knob"C" is opened, gas between a sphere and controller can be
bleeded. Knob"D" is a valve between a bombe and a controller.

Turn each nob -A,B,C- clockwise before install high pressure gas. Then, open knob "D" and a sphere is filled up with gas.
Close Knob"D" till the pressure reached normal.
Turne Knob"A" counterclockwise and the valve by the side of a sphere is closed. Before removing head from a sphere, open knob"C" and the pressure inside hose is bleeded.
Finally, attach the seal screw and plastic cap.

(C) A.Suzuki , Y.Narabayashi