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Starship U.S.S. Kyushu, destroyed in the Battle of Wolf 359, has returned to WWW on present Earth beyond time....
Star Trek - U.S.S. Kyushu

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Japanese air schedule
Star Trek from JapanStar Trek from Japan
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Super Channel: Station for communication satellite (CS). Available on SKY PerfecTV!, or local cable networks.

100 Japanese yen is about 0.9 U.S. doller.

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September 1st.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (3) Sennyu-sha
Kadokawa Sneaker Library / 619 yen

"Sennyu-sha" means "infiltree." This novel is a Japanese language edition of "The Siege." The novels from Kadokawa until now are Erabareshi-mono (Emissary), Wakusei-kanrisha (Caretaker), and Dasshutsu (The Escape).
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Schedule in Japan
Perfect Choice
[SKY PerfecTV!, PPV]
August 18th to 24th"Star Trek: Insurrection"
Super ChannelSeptember 6th, 20:00Voyager enters 4th season
October 8th, 13:00 to 9th, 22:00Star Trek: Voyager Marathon 2000
(Part One, 31 hours)
NovemberStar Trek: Voyager Marathon 2000
(Part Two, 22 hours)
NovemberVoyager regular airing
(From No. 98 of 5th season)
unknownTNG restarts
DS9 until finale
Voyager until 6th season

September 22thVoyager Low-price Videos
5 videos, 10 episodes
each 2,980 yen
Star Trek: Insurrection Low price version2,980 yen

October 20thStar Trek: Generations4,700 yen

November 10thStar Trek: Voyager 4th Season Vol.135,000 yen

JanuaryStarlog Additional
Star Trek stars' interviews and pictures
September 1stStar Trek: Deep Space Nine (3) Sennyu-shaKadokawa Shoten619 yen
October 1stStar Trek: Voyager (3) Ragnarok
November 1stStar Trek: Deep Space Nine (4) Bloodletter
FallStar Trek MillenniumBunkasha12,000 yen
December 1stStar Trek: Voyager (4) ViolationsKadokawa Shoten
2001 / January 1stStar Trek: Deep Space Nine (5) The Big Game
2001 / Febrary 1stStar Trek: Voyager (5) Flashback
Star Trek ChronologySony MagazinesAbout 5,000 yen

Year 2000?Star Trek: Starfleet Command (Japanese Edition)?


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