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2021 CMO News

 A. This Apparition of Mars is Closing

  Mars is leaving away, the apparent diameter went down to below 8 arcseconds by the end of January 2021 to enter the final stage of observation. Now the red planet is prograding in Aries, then enters Taurus by the end of February to pass through the south of Pleiades in the early March.
  Thereafter Mars remains in the evening sky, progresses through Gemini and Cancer. Mars solar conjunction occurs in Virgo on 09 October 2021.

  The next approach occurs on 01 December 2022 (λ=348°Ls), with maximum apparent diameter δ=17.1". Apparent diameter goes over 8 arcseconds in the end of July 2022, appropriate period of starting observation when our neighboring planet shines in Aries after the summer midnight.

( 18 February 2021, Reiichi KONNAI, Masami MURAKAMI)

 B. The ASJ Award for the Outstanding Achievement by Amateur

  On this 14 September 2021, the OAA (Oriental Astronomical Association) Mars Section has received the Distinguished Service Award for the FY 2020 (Long-Term Division), in the annual convention 2021 of The Astronomical Society of Japan (ASJ).

  For the award reason, the "Continuing observation of Mars as long as 87 years" and the "Publication of the journal bulletin Communications in Mars Observations for over 34 years which enabled us to promote the communication amongst international Mars observers" were highly valued.

  This is owing to the endless contribution from the Mars observers all over the world over the years, though from visual observation through silver salt photography to digital imaging, the recording method has drastically changed with time. Moreover, this is one of the fruits of our seniors' efforts to build out an international Mars observational network. We are grateful to all the observers who have contributed their observational records.
  May we again tender our cordial thanks!

( 30 September 2021, Reiichi KONNAI, Masami MURAKAMI)

 C. Conjunction 2021

  The planet Mars was at conjunction on 8 October 2021. SOHO LASCO C2 images show the planet Mars has moved back to the morning sky.

( 15 Nonember 2021 )

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