Kusado Sengen
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What is Kusado Sengen?

Kusado Sengen is the name of medieval town that once used to be situated close to the mouth of the Ashida River, in the present Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. It means a town of one thousand houses at Kuasdo. The existence of the town had been forgotten for a long time. It was only recorded as a legendary town in a regional history book in the Edo Period.

The site of Kusado Sengen had been excavated since 1961. As a result, a lot of finds were discoverd at the site. These finds tell us what kinds of tools the people in Kusado Sengen used and how they live. All the result of invastigations into Kusado Sengen shed a new light on the study of medieval history in Japan.
The site of Kusado Sengen under excavation
The site of Kusado Sengen under excavation
Discovery and excavation of the site
Finds from the site
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