## OperaORB ##

- a tiny ORB wrapper on SOAP,RMT -

What's new

(2004/05/03) I've recently updated OperaORB. It has now a 'native'-mode. It means OperaORB runs on RMT (not SOAP). Since RMT is a Squeak specific messaging layer, it is not portable. But the strong point is its performance. Plese see the doc:


OperaORB Examples:

OperaORB provides very simple API for distributed computing.

Server side:

Suppose you have 'OperaPerson', which is normal Smalltalk class (no special code for distributed object).

To export an OperaPerson:

" 1: start OperaORB (optional - normally StartUpList will do automatically)"
     OperaORB run.
" 2: init object adapter"
     OperaORB root initialize.
" 3: register object implementation"
     OperaORB root at: #John put: OperaPerson new.

Now, the OperaPerson instance can be accessed by the name of #John.

Client side:

Suppose you would like to send message #doSomething: to #John, who is waiting at the host named 'nowhereland'.

To send a remote message:

" 1: start OperaORB (if not started)"
     OperaORB run.
" 2: create remote object"
     john := OperaRemoteObject name: #John host: 'nowhereland'.
    "john := OperaRemoteObject named: #John." "shortcut for localhost" 
" 3: remote message send"
     john doSomething: 'Smalltalk!!'.

That's all!


Any feedback is appreciated.

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Masashi Umezawa