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This page is maintained for old Squeak users. Unless you have any specific reason, please use a new version.

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System Requirements:

Squeak 2.4

Release Dates and Changes:


SmallInterfaces is basically under the original author's licence.
GUIs for Squeak are developed from scratch and under the public domain.(without any warranty).

Installation and run:

  1. Download the SmallInterfacesSqueak1.5.zip
  2. File in SmallInterfaces1.5.cs. (Core module)
  3. File in SmallInterfacesGUI1.5.cs.(GUI support)
  4. File in ToyInterfaces1.5.cs. (samples)
  5. See InterfaceFinder class >> open methods and just "do it".


Filing-in SmallInerfaces1.5.cs will overwrite some methods of ChangeSet class.
In most situation, it is harmless. (Just add #changed: broadcast message at the last of the method). However please keep in mind for uninstallation.

See the screenshot:

  1. SIInterfaceFinder


Any feedback is appreciated.

Masashi Umezawa

also see the Dandelion