Infini,e is a treatment center that offers you the total treatment combined with various kinds of therapies such as Oriental medicine.
Beauty and health can be revived by the power of nature.

"Infinite power can be rejuvenate your natural energy."

We can maintain your beauty and recover your health by enhancing and reinforcing your natural energy.

Think of human beings as the organic integration of body, mind and spirit, Infini,e offers treatment under the concept of total health focusing on the natural healing power which human beings possess from birth.

We totally and systematically introduce traditional medicine from each country such as botanical therapy, musical therapy, aroma therapy, natural therapy, dietary therapy, exercise therapy and psychological therapy. It is based on the natural therapy and the Oriental medicine (moxibustion/Quigong) fostered in the long history. We offer the holistic treatment, mixture of the Oriental and the Occidental medicine in order to get rid of stress and fatigue, major issues for people today, and improve their physical conditions.

Under the comfortable relaxation which nature offers, your natural energy can be revived.

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