## SoapCore ##

- a Squeak SOAP RPC implementation -

SoapCore Google Client:

SoapCore includes GoogleClient. This is a short description of how to use it.


Google Web APIs are web services that enable developers to use Google programmatically.

In order to use Google Web APIs, first you need to get a Google Account license key from Google Web APIs site. (It is free and it takes only a few minutes).

There are many other Google Web API clients, but you may probably want to use SoapCore and Squeak. ;-)

How to use GoogleClient:

Setting the license key:

When you obtained your license key, you must set it to GoogleClient.

GoogleClient licenseKey: 'yourkey'. 

If you set the key once, GoogleClient remembers it. So, you don't have to set it up many times.

Invoking service operations:

Three types of operations are currently available in Google Web APIs (search web pages, correct keywords, get cached page). You can call these operations by simply creating GoogleClient instance then sending messages.

GoogleClient new search: 'Google Web APIs Reference'. "explore it "
GoogleClient new spellingSuggestionOf: 'Smmalltlaak and Soaap'. "print it"
GoogleClient new cachedPageOf: 'http://www.squeak.org' "inspect it" 


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Masashi Umezawa