## SoapCore ##

- a Squeak SOAP RPC implementation -

SoapCore Examples:

SoapCore is a SOAP part of SoapOpera.

SoapCore provides very simple API for Soap RPC.

Server side:

Suppose you have #HelloWorldImpl class which has method named #helloWorld.

To register the helloWorld service:

service := SoapService implementor: (HelloWorldImpl new ) selector: #helloWorld.
service signature: (SoapServiceSignature name: 'helloWorld').
SoapServiceHandler default add: service.

Client side:

Suppose you have registered the helloWorld service in the host named 'someHost'.

To invoke the helloWorld service:

call := (SoapCallEntry tcpHost: 'someHost') newCall.
call transport: #http.
call methodName: 'helloWorld'.
^call invokeAndReturn.

Sample services are running here.

Supported Encodings:

SoapCore supports multi-encodings for passing data. There are merits and demerits. Please select what is appropriate for your purpose.

 call encoding: #soapSqEncoding. "<-- you can specify encoding scheme here"

Supported encoding symbols are:

Default, not so cool, but SOAP 1.1 compliant
Squeak native base64 format, powerful for complex objects, but loses interoperability
#soapSixxEncoding (included in full installation)
Portable Smalltalk XML format, usable for complex objects, but need to translate XML for interoperability with other languages
#soapSrpEncoding (included in full installation)
Portable Smalltalk binary format, interoperable with other Smalltalks
tries to pass object 'as is', very fast, usable only for very primitive types (byte array, etc)

You can also use "literal" scheme by setting useLiteral: true.

call useLiteral: true.

*SoapCore Interop Examples*:

SoapOpera0.5 has achieved some interoperability with other SOAP implementations. The World will become one. Enjoy!

1: Ruby

From SOAP4R Client:

DOWNLOAD: SOAP4R Client Examples

To invoke the helloWorld service:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'soap/driver'

server = 'http://someHost:8823/'
drv = SOAP::Driver.new( nil, nil, nil, server)
drv.setWireDumpDev( STDERR )
p drv.helloWorld() 

Currently sending data type is very limited. But It works!

2: Dolphin Smalltalk

There is a guide for Dolphin Spray and SoapOpera Interop (screenshot).
First you should read it. (Thanks Steve Waring!)

DOWNLOAD: Spray-SoapOpera interop Examples

From Spray Client -> SoapOpera Server:

To invoke the reverseString service:

"call 'reverseString' service"
request := SplashRPCRequest method: 'reverseString' 
                            ns: #'http://www.mars.dti.ne.jp/~umejava/smalltalk/soapOpera/rpc/'.
request parameterAt: #aString put: 'Hello from Dolphin'.
response := request responseFrom: 'http://localhost:8823/' soapAction: nil.
response return.

From SoapOperaClient -> Spray Server:

There is a Spray interop test server available in the internet.
You can call services from SoapOpera Client.

To invoke the browseClassDefinition service:

| call resp |
call := (SoapCallEntry tcpHost: 'www.dolphinharbor.org' port: 80) newCall.
call targetObjectURI: '/services/soapOperaInterop'.
call methodName: 'browseClassDefinition'.
call addParameter: (SoapVariable name: #className value: 'SoapOperaInterop').
call invokeAndReturn.

3: Google Web API


Colocation is a feature for optimization. SoapCore automatically changes RPCs to local calls if their receivers are in local environment.

To activate this feature:

call useColocation: true.


Any feedback is welcome.

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Masashi Umezawa